Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Dominic Cummings

If the mainstream media was all we had to go by, the only 3 things we'd know about Dominic Cummings are 
a) Benedict Cumberbatch 
b) he said rude things about Tory MPs 
c) he didn't show up to a select committee. 

If they'd spent as much time actually reading his blog as they did trawling it for headline-worthy quotes we might all benefit. There is some pretty incisive critique of the way we do politics ("it is impossible to describe the extent to which politicians in Britain do not even consider ‘the timetable and process for turning announcement X into reality’ as something to think about — for people like Cameron and Blair the announcement IS the only reality and ‘management’ is a dirty word for junior people to think about"), and a guy who has thought and read deeply about how we do decision making and deliver results. 

Fascinating and rewarding read, if you have a spare hour.


  1. You read it all in only an hour?! Impressive. I've been following him for ages, and have to confess much of what he writes I skim over as excessively arcane. He's an extremely interesting man.

  2. I read the most recent piece in an hour, but there's a lot of other fascinating stuff on there which I made a mental note to come back to. His full account of the Vote Leave campaign, for one.