Thursday, December 01, 2016

'Dethroning Mammon' - timely book by Justin Welby

Justin Welbys first book goes straight for the jugular of consumer society. 'Dethroning Mammon', the AB of C's Lent book, is published today in the midst of the jingling bells of Christmas checkouts.

The BBC has an extensive piece on the book and its background:

Intended as a companion for lent, this is Archbishop Welby's first book and a call for Christians to examine who it is that sits upon the throne of their lives: are they following the self-sacrificing example of Christ, who gave his life for others? Or have they succumbed, perhaps unconsciously, to the rule of Mammon?These are the recurrent questions that feature through a series of six short chapters, each taking what the archbishop describes as "key texts" from the Bible, which he then applies to the common settings of contemporary life.
(the chapters are...)
  • What we see we value
  • What we measure controls us
  • What we have we hold
  • What we receive we treat as ours
  • What we give we gain
  • What we master brings us joy
Welby has a bit of a track record when it comes to talking about money - Wonga has never recovered from the (seemingly throwaway but widely reported) comment that he wanted to put them out of business. I also like the tie-in: the CofE has a big push on the 'Thy Kingdom Come' prayer initiative, and this book demonstrates that this isn't all about private piety.  Taken seriously, the kingdom of God is an axe at the root of the tree of Mammon and consumer capitalism. 


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