Wednesday, October 19, 2016

What Will the new Bake Off look like? sneak preview of New TV Listings

some of the treats in store....

Cold Feet  new political show, featuring Boris Johnson and anyone who has ever thought about standing as leader of UKIP

Fantastical Boasts and Where To Find Them  extended coverage of the US election

The Great British **** Off  the classic show gets that special Channel 4 treatment. Moved to a 9pm slot, all the contestants are 20-somethings with dubious sexual history a short temper and a microwave. Mel and Sue are replaced by Alan and Jimmy Carr

Can't Pray? We'll Take You Away!  documentary about everyday life around the world for people who've converted from Islam.

Doctor Where?  our intrepid Time Lord travels to Africa, where the population is in the grip of an epidemic, but the only trained medical staff have been poached by the NHS.

East Emmerdale Street  The government builds a new town in the Yorkshire Dales, and local authorities in Manchester and London take the chance to relocate all their social housing tenants there, so that they can build unsold office blocks and luxury flats for tax evaders.

Two and a Half Men  documentary about the Liberal Democrats

Strictly: new UK border policy. Anyone wanting refugee status in the UK has to endure 12 humiliating rounds of elimination by public vote.

The Botox Factor  a new presenter is thrown off the show after 3 weeks because lack of cosmetic surgery 'makes her look out of place'.

The Big Bung Theory  a round of up the weeks football news.

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