Wednesday, October 07, 2015

Our Education Secretary Has Forgotten What Schools are For

Bring back Michael Gove, all is forgiven.....
Speaking at the Conservative party conference, Ms Morgan said: "We're going to give more working parents something the best schools already do."
"We will be giving families in thousands of schools a 'right to request' their school provides childcare for a full working day, before and after school and during the school holidays.
"If enough parents call for childcare at their local school, we will expect the school to take reasonable steps to accommodate it, in a way that works for them.
"Because we want working parents to have the confidence their child is in a happy and safe environment."
Schools are places of education, they are not a babysitting service. Nicky Morgan has forgotten what schools are for. The schools should exercise their 'right to refuse' this silly policy. I despair that the Conservatives have picked up where Labour left off: the more time parents can spend at work, and the less time with their children, the better. As the school day expands, and free nursery places get pushed back to a younger and younger age, there'll come a point where the government simply seize our children at birth and kick us out of hospital to go and find a job.


  1. I assume that those who want to educate their children will do so privately, but all plebs need is a baby-sitting service.

  2. Rev. Roy Catchpole, ex-St Paul's Church, Sherborne, Dorset, jailed today for sexually
    assaulting a vulnerable pensioner. Are you all perverts?

    1. The allegations are very serious, but the jury failed to reach a verdict so he is now a free man. It's important to get your facts right with things as serious as this.