Tuesday, July 07, 2015

The health check we never get

Prevention is better than cure, at least that what my mother said. This doesn't apply to all aspects of the NHS. We are given cardiac checks, bone density checks, regular dental checks, all sorts of fiendish tubes are inserted into our bodies, and yet, at no time do we have a regular mental health check. As our brains control the functions of our body, would it be sensible to look after the brain first?

It's only when we are experiencing mental illness do we get noticed, and then it's luck of the draw if we actually get speedy and efficient help. Different areas offer varying services. Some are excellent, some are definitely not!

Mental illness can develop slowly or very quickly. At least an annual check up would help. If this was routine, then the stigma of mental illness would soon disappear, and just like popping to the nurse for a blood pressure check, it would be simply part of our lives.

by guest blogger Miriam

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