Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Leadership is Influence

"Dr Paisley's life has cast an influential shadow over at least three generations: as a faithful preacher of God's word, as a people's politician and as a distinguished leader in church and state."

Some words spoken at the recent memorial for Ian Paisley. Not sure I'd want to be spoken of as casting a shadow, but we'll leave that one there. 

It reminded me of a definition of leadership I heard recently, that 'leadership is influence'. Which means we're all leaders, from the moment our cries first summon a nighttime feed or nappy change. Leadership isn't the exclusive property of those who call themselves leaders, or who hold the 'top' jobs, or who get their memorial services reported on the BBC. A word, an action, a comment on a Facebook thread, anything which nudges someone else's life, is leadership. You can lead from a throne, a pushchair, an armchair, a wheelchair, an academic chair, the second chair, anywhere.  

Which is both an exciting thought, and a scary one. Lead well dear reader.

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