Saturday, August 30, 2014

The Evolution of the Ice Bucket Challenge

Ice Bucket Challenge: Have some iced water thrown over you, give money to support research into Motor Neurone Disease, and nominate some other people.

Ice Bucket Challenge 2: After watching 14 video clips on Facebook, you now know about the Ice Bucket Challenge, but can you remember which charity it's in aid of?

Ice Bucket Challenge 3: You've been Iced. Will you remember to donate to charity?

Ice Bin-It Challenge: A bearded man throws some ice cream into a bin in a tent in a field. You are the BBC, can you turn this into a ratings winner and front-page news?

Nice Bouquet Challenge: You are a man, you want to buy your wife some flowers. Do you get some at the petrol station (cheap, convenient, sachet of that powdery stuff that's supposed to keep them alive), or a proper flower arranger (a what? more expensive, but more thoughtful). Or do you abandon the idea because making the right decision is too stressful?

Ice Bouquet Challenge: once you've bought the flowers, how do you make them last as long as possible? Tip: don't put them in the freezer. The wife can't see them and the flowers die.

House Pack-It Challenge: How many party donors can you get into the House of Lords without causing a national scandal? Quite a few it seems.

House Quit-It Challenge: You are a Tory MP. You have some sympathy with UKIP. You have even more sympathy with keeping your job. Your parliamentary seat is on the coast. Do you jump ship now and take a risk, or wait until Carswell wins and look like an unprincipled opportunist? Are you an unprincipled opportunist? Sorry, silly question, you're an MP.

Ice Baptism Challenge: You are a vicar in a suburban church who spends hours preparing for and doing baptisms for families you never see again. How might you show people, that baptism into Christian faith is a bit more demanding than showing up once in your life in a white bonnet, and cut your workload at the same time? Can you fit an ice machine into the vestry?

Ice Baptism Challenge 2: A fresh expression of church among the Inuit.

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