Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Simple Choices

Choose A or B

A: Wind turbine overlooking the land
B: No land as it's all underwater

A: Tidal power
B: Tidal surge

A: Jumping on a plane to get away from the bad weather
B: Having a home to come back to afterwards

A: Solar panels on the roof
B: Nothing on the roof as all the tiles have blown off

A: Get out of the car and walk
B: Get out of the car and wade

A: Change
B: Climate Change


  1. And how come Owen Paterson still has a job or anything to do with the environment?

  2. I couldn't possibly comment. But anyone who makes Eric Pickles look like a sympathetic alternative has got to be in serious trouble.

  3. Mind you, my partner works for local gov and they'd beg for Paterson instead. Yes, there is a problem.