Monday, November 04, 2013


"Pray we must, but prayer must never be an escape from reality. Prayer cannot preserve a man from the insistent cry of human need. It must prepare him for it' and sometimes he will need to rise from his knees too soon and get to work - even when he does not want to." (William Barclay)

"...Give me grace to call on thee at all times by diligent Prayer.Ah Lord, I know my Devotion has dailymany unavoidable and necessary interruptions,and I cannot always be actually praying,all I can do is to beg of thy Love,to keep my heart always in an habitual disposition to Devotion,and in mindfulness of thy divine presence..." (Thomas Ken)

Not sure if these appeal to me because activity comes more naturally to me than prayer, or because they ring true.

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  1. 'The Church's Mission is weak because its prayer is weak...'

    Fr William Sirr CDC (CDC was eventually gathered into the Anglican Franciscans)

    When I was an Evangelical Anglican my Anglo-Catholic friends used to remind me of this maxim on a regular basis...