Saturday, June 29, 2013

We don't need any new church initiatives

"By every means possible the clergy must be set free from all hindrances, spiritual as well as material, which prevent them from exercising an evangelistic ministry. More particularly must they be given time to fulfil their primary responsibility of training the laity for evangelism"

It's 68 years since that sentence was written in the CofE report 'Towards the Conversion of England'. How different things would be if we'd actually got round to implementing it. How different things will be if we do.


  1. I agree with you. But yesterday you were praising the General Synod agenda on mission, which will undoubtedly result in new initiatives.

  2. Why limit the restriction to "new" initiative? Getting rid of old initiatives might also help.

  3. Charlie - probably, but I think a lot of what we need to do has already been proposed, or is being done by other churches. I guess I mean we don't need much in the way of new ideas, we just need to get on and act on the stuff we've already talked about.

    Simon - absolutely. Where should we start?