Monday, February 04, 2013

New Boss: #pray4justin

Justin Welby has been sworn in today as the Archbishop of Canterbury. He'll need our prayers, but when anyone talks of something being an 'impossible job' it's good to remember that 'impossible' is not in God's dictionary.

(Justin Welby) made one priority in the diocese sorting out its finances, giving up his personal chaplain as part of the programme, and the other reversing the drift away from Church membership.
"I think we are called - and it is possible - to turn round the decline in numbers, influence and effect of God's Church that has happened over the last 80 years. We can do that in this diocese, and region, over the next generation or so."
Yes we can.

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  1. No, actually, you can't. You're finished. Then Durham Cathedral can become a memorial to the slaves who died building it in the Middle Ages and the Covenanter prisoners who were genocided in it by the Episcopalians during the Civil War.

    Tom Paine

    Hammer of Hypocrites