Friday, June 01, 2012

Praying for Weather

My main current preoccupation is Sundays weather, as we've got a big bash planned for the Jubilee, and having space around the local community hall as well as inside it will be really helpful. Especially as we have no idea how many are coming!

Theological/pastoral problem: praying for less rain here will, all other things being equal, mean more rain somewhere else, unless the front miraculously retreats to the Atlantic. What kind of weather systems result from different groups of people effectively praying against each other? Does God actually answer prayers for weather?

I know God is trying to teach me to trust him more, and there have been several things in the last week which should have made the penny drop. It will be fine, even if the weather isn't. It just might get a bit crowded, that's all.


  1. Not wishing to spam you with unnecessary links, but 'Is Global Warming Caused By Prayer?' has been one of the more intriguing questions I've recently come across:

  2. That's a good question! Not quite as good as The One Great Theological Question, but still a good question.