Saturday, March 03, 2012

Breaking: South Somerset Core Strategy decisions published

A one-off post for Lent, to keep local folks up to date with some breaking news.

Details of the South Somerset Council response to public consultations on their 'core strategy' (housing, transport, employment, development etc. until 2028) are now online. The first of several meetings where this will be discussed is next Wednesday at the Gateway in Yeovil.

I've not read it in detail yet, but some headlines:
 - Total housing need 2008-28 adjudged to be just under 16,000 new houses.
 - Just under 8,000 of these will be in Yeovil, of which 2,500 will be in an 'urban extension'.
 - Despite extensive local lobbying, the 'South and West' option is the one the council wants to pursue, there is an outline 'masterplan' of where the site will go here. It will disappoint campaigners in East Coker and please anyone who has to live in, or drive through, NW Yeovil. There's no way of pleasing everyone, more important is that the new community is well planned and designed for quality of life and neighbourhood. And that as local churches we engage positively with it.

Right, back to my cloister....

Update: new advice on community provision, commissioned by the council, recommends a 0.5 hectare plot of land in the urban extension be allocated for 'religious infrastructure' (see p28-9). Excellent news.

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