Sunday, March 18, 2007

Kids stuff

2 things to say about children:

Ofsted - please leave the children alone, instead of coming up with 500 developmental milestones for them to reach by the age of 3, and inspecting childminders and kindergartens. JUST LET THE POOR LITTLE THINGS ENJOY LIFE BEFORE YOU SHOVE THEM INTO THE EDUCATIONAL MINCER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Much is made of the '5 outcomes' of the governments childrens policy ('every child matters'). The one entitled 'enjoying and achieving', which is the only one that children might actually want for themselves, is, when you look at the detail, all about attending school and passing the governments tests at the highest possible level. So lets be honest and retitle the agenda: 'Every Child Matters to the Treasury' - it's all about churning out economically productive units, who when they go on to have children can drop them off at the local 'extended school' from 8am to 6pm so that they can stay in the labour market and let the state provided 'carers', with Ofsted watching their every move, look after our children for us.

In the words of the prophet Jim Trott of Dibley: no no no no no no no no no no no no.......... no.

On a more positive front, here is a cracking link to resources for working with children, lots of different things written by some of the top people in UK childrens work, absolute goldmine.

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