Monday, November 06, 2006

Post-match reflections

Yeovil 2 Bristol City 1.

I was there, and on Sunday morning had the voice to prove it, struggling to get through 4 hymns, a sermon and a communion prayer after shouting myself hoarse on the terrace.

What would Jesus do at a football match? Apart from being thrilled that Yeovil won, the other strong feeling I came away with was that I'd never take my children to see a Yeovil match. Some of the fans chants were quite funny, but there were some fairly choice words flying around, and I don't really want my kids saying 'Daddy, what's a w*****?' To be honest, I struggle enough with 'who made God?' and the other theological enquiries of a 3 year old.

Consumed with envy towards a neighbour who is in Australia for the next 3 weeks and hopes to get to the first Test at Brisbane. To make matters worse, the TV signal on Channel 5 has decided to go haywire, so if they're showing the highlights I won't see any of the series at all. It's almost enough to make me subscribe to Sky. On second thoughts, no it isn't.

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