Tuesday, November 07, 2006

divine appointments?

A good morning today, some days things seem to slot together and this was one of them:
1. Talking with a group of people about possibly putting a funding bid together from the Big Lottery fund for community buildlings, and someone else (who shall remain anonymous, just in case he gets inundated with calls from folk with building projects) revealed that someone has just started working for him and is giving 3 days a week to making funding applications. Has potential....

2. On the way out of the cafe after the meeting, met a couple who I knew from my previous life in Yeovil, and started talking about what we hoped to do on Westfield at the St. Peters church hall, and how it would be great to get the Christians on that estate, who mostly go off the estate to worship, to meet together to pray and look at how we can engage with the local community. Turns out they'd moved onto Westfield last year and were wondering if God had something to do with that, and offered their home as a place to pray.

All good stuff, and hopefully God stuff too. Now all it needs is another Christian on Westfield who reads this blog and emails to say 'I was only praying about this the other day....'

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